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With our international experience we understand the dynamics of a new office in a new country and are well connected to bring your operations in The Netherlands or Belgium up to speed. Are you looking for the right people to take the next step?

It is our specialty to identify just the right executive, sales, operations or HR manager. We partner with you in identifying those professionals. With that help your business take off. We act as sparring partners for our clients and professionals.

Feel free to contact our consultants who bring extensive recruitment, headhunting, organizational development and HR experience. We have a strong focus on working for companies with a technical basis: High-tech, LED and lighting, Security, Electronics, Industrial automation, food technology, logistics and the construction industry.

Team Voltys

Niels Uljee 

+31 6 23 11 90 90

Recruitment Consultant & Partner, broad commercial, management and consulting experience.

Udo van der Groen 

+31 6 28 10 83 99

Recruitment Consultant & Partner, headhunter with a background in organisational development.

Jasper Touw

06 51 20 58 17

Recruitment Consultant & Partner, Solution Sales and passionate matchmaker.

Bart Schalk

+31 618012729

Recruitment Consultant Technical and Building materials

Bart Schalk

+31 618012729

Recruitment Consultant Technical and Building materials

Claire Willemse

Recruitment Consultant & Trainer communication skills

Focus generates growth
The companies we work for invest a lot of time, creativity and money on branding their products and organisation. Strong brands and carefully built up company cultures will attract the candidates you are looking for. That is why we carry out most of our recruitment projects on an exclusive basis. That way we can openly search and enthuse candidates for your company.

In working with you we are engaged and focussed. We make sure we understand your company and the people in it.

Our recruiters
Business Center Aeroparc
Ericssonstraat 2
5121 ML Rijen

Hooghiemstraplein 173
3514 AZ Utrecht

Tel: +31 (0)6 2810 8399
Email: info@voltys.nl

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